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So… for the past couple of months I’ve been bookmarking photographs that I really like. I wasn’t completely sure why I was doing that, but I think the idea’s finally come to fruition. I’m going to post those works (and continue doing so) on a separate tumblr I’ve made. 

I feel like I constantly want to do shoutouts and reblogs of all the amazing work I see on a daily basis here… but it seems to fall through the cracks.

Please follow it. I want more than anything to give other people the motivation that I felt when I started posting pictures on tumblr. I wouldn’t be where I was today if it wasn’t for all the encouragement I’ve received from fellow tumblr members.

I don’t ask much from people on tumblr… but I will on this. Please follow and check out these wonderful, amazing photographers! I won’t jam up your dashboard, I promise.


(via fearwithout)