Boise, ID
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luxlit… I’m not sure if you did that on purpose… but thanks for the reblogs. Also, thanks to imiging, julesfalkhunter, magpie—finds, issfcommunity, riadovoidostoevsky, inspirationinabstract, amomentovbeauty, theebrokenpath, mygoldframedwindow, j-yreblog, theoriginalplant, and alienwitchlilyx2

That’s quite a list. I also have to thank h-o-r-n-g-r-y …which isn’t really a photography blog, but she must have quite a large following… because they went to town on one of my photos. Horngry… hmm. 

It always means a lot to receive support from everyone. It’s also really hard to step back and look at all these people who have supported/encouraged me… and then realize I don’t have my dslr anymore. I’ve thought it out though… plans and such. I’ll most likely try to pick one up before the end of the year, but right now I’m going back to biking and tennis so I can get in shape. Did I say tennis? …I meant throwing axes at trees and fighting other bearded men in the woods… on monster trucks… or something.

I still have a dwindling collection of photos that will surely be posted at some point, but you know… slowly. Also,  that fearwithout guy is super lame… and probably doing the same thing I’m doing… because he’s a follower.

Check out way better photographers over here though!!!!    DO IT!

I follow him blindly… into the woods… for battle.